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Roanoke Driver Trapped in Flood Waters at Valley View With Kids

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"Never in a million years did I think this would happen to me," said Nikita Fleming. "I don't think anyone would expect this to happen to them."

Fleming was driving Wednesday to pick up school supplies when she got caught in the aftermath of the heavy downpours.

She describes what it was like when she making her way to the Valley View Walmart.

"I've seen people coming through the puddle, so I just thought it might be a little high but just enough to make a big splash," she said. "Never did I think I was going to get stuck in it."

Fleming did get stuck in swirling high water that rose over the driver's side mirror of the white car she was driving. Then she said she felt the car move toward a hill with the interstate down below, so she acted quickly.

"When I opened the car door, the water just rushed in. My kids [were] in the back screaming, 'We're going to die, I'm scared.' I just had to think fast. The first thing I got to mind, [was] take the kids out of the seatbelt, put my niece in one arm, my son in the other arm, and walk through the puddle," she said.  "It was terrible out there, terrible. I fell twice with the kids in my arms."

Thursday, those same kids were smiling and waving to our cameras.

Everyone was happy to be okay, but the car a different story.

Pools of water are still in the backseat and we found damage to the inside.   

"I might just have to junk it," she said. "Being a single parent, just starting school today, I really don't know what I'm going to do."