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Roanoke Code Enforcement Checks Flood Damage

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Officers from Roanoke City's Code Enforcement Division, as well as representatives from the  Real Estate Valuation Office, checked dozens of properties in the northwest part of the city for damage after a flash flood on July 10.

Code Enforcement assessed a total of nine businesses, including a flooded-out daycare center, and the service center for Cundiff Heating & Air.

"They really just walked in, took some pictures, and looked at everything," said Cundiff employee Joe Havens Sr.

"That's about all they could do," he said.

City staff also drove through several neighborhoods looking for flood damage.

A city spokesperson said they visually surveyed approximately 60 homes.

Since the flash flood didn't impact enough property, Roanoke isn't eligible for FEMA assistance.

Since it has no chance at FEMA help, the city isn't keeping any formal property damage statistics.

Roanoke City Government wants to hear from you if you suffered flash flooding damage in the city this week.

People with residential or business property damage are asked to call the city's Real Estate Valuation office at (540) 853-2771. This is only for house or building damage, and does not include personal property (i.e. cars, furniture, electronics, etc.)

You can make a report, and the city will send an assessment team to inspect and document the damage.