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UPDATE: Fire Destroys Old Frontier Building in Pulaski

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Courtesy: Marcus Taylor Courtesy: Marcus Taylor

It took four fire crews and forty sets of hands to put out the blaze on Commerce Street. The remains are still smoldering from the heat.

Todd Garwood, the Pulaski County fire marshall, says that because the building was abandoned, no one noticed it was on fire until it was too late.

Garwood was actually one of the first to see the building in flames.

H. M. Kidd, a voting member of the Pulaski City Council, says that a discussion about what to do with the Old Frontier building was actually scheduled to be on Tuesday night's agenda.

Kidd says that, over time, the building has become an eyesore, and the town has even had problems with squatters taking temporary residence in the building.

Garwood says the scene is under investigation, but as of now no origin or cause of the fire is known.


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From Fox's Rachel Lucas

The fire in Pulaski is out. It took 40 firefighters to put out the flames.

I'm talking with town leaders about what the building was used for, and plans they had in the works to deal with the safety concern it caused.


A large fire is burning near downtown Pulaski.

Photos from Marcus Taylor show flames shooting 50 feet into the air. The building is part of the Old West Town near downtown.

Town Manager John Hawley tells Lindsay Ward that the building is abandoned, and not attached to any other buildings. He adds that firefighters are asking people to stay away from Commerce Street, Randolph Avenue, and Valley Street.