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Neighbors and Police React to Roanoke Standoff

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The standoff is over between police and a man from Roanoke County.

It ended overnight in the 200 block of Orlando Avenue in north Roanoke near Brookside Park.

Tense moments in this Roanoke County neighborhood as police tried to convince a man with a gun to come out of his home. A large crowd of neighbors nearby watched it all unfold.

"It is scary to have something so close to home," said one neighbor.

Officials say it began just after 12:45 Monday afternoon, when a man called 911 and said he got of a house where Bill Long Jr. had held him against his will for several hours.

Police caught up with the man, who told them Long, Long's wife, and a number of weapons were still inside the home.

That's when SWAT and several other agencies were called in.

"This was a joint effort that, as you know, took an extended period of time resolve," said Chief Howard Hall.

Hall says Long's wife came out of the house shortly after police arrived, but Long did not.

Officers then began communicating with him.

"Those negotiations were initially not successful," Hall said. "The subject broke off communications and we did not hear from him for a lengthy period of time."

At around 10 p.m., they were forced to take a more drastic approach.

"We forced entry into the front door," Hall said. "We also deployed gas."

Several more hours passed before Long surrendered peacefully at around 12:30 this morning.

Officials say apart from the effects of the gas, Long was not hurt, and no officers were injured.

"Everybody that responded to this incident today did an outstanding job," Hall said. "Everybody carried out their responsibilities flawlessly, everybody from the multiple agencies worked very, very well together to bring this to a successful resolution."