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Tracking Your Tax Dollars in Bedford

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We're tracking your tax dollars in the town of Bedford.

Today we're focusing on the money being spent on local non-profit organizations.

Despite tight budgets, the town is spending more than $9,000 per year to support the Bedford Museum, and $5,000 in taxpayer dollars is being spent on helping maintain the Wharton Memorial Garden, which is run by the Wharton Society.

Town Manager Charles Kolakowski said the money is examined closely by town council before it's distributed.

"We have to justify how we're spending those dollars," he said. "Even with the non-profits, they need to say that this is what they've been doing with it and whether they've been spending it in a fashion that council feels is a good expenditure of public dollars."

While council has cut some of its contributions over the last few years, Kolakowski said it's important Bedford improves the community.