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Fire Marshal Investigates Frontier Village Fire in Pulaski

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What was once planned to be a Western-themed tourist attraction will now never be a stop for travelers.

The Frontier Village off of Commerce Street in Pulaski featured two wooden cabins, two churches, and even a saloon.

It was a 15-year project for builder and owner Randall Jones.

"It was my dream to give to Pulaski, and to have for the children to learn about how Pulaski once was," Jones said. "I wanted you to be able to walk back into another time."

It was a project that he says cost him much more than $25,000, years of labor, and precious time.

Now in a matter of hours,  it is literally up in smoke.

The village burnt down in a matter of hours. Eye-witnesses say that the flames rose over 50 feet high and took more than 40 fire fighters to extinguish.

Pulaski County Fire Marshal Todd Garwood is investigating the scene.

"We have determined where the fire originated, but the cause is still under investigation," he said.

Garwood says that he did find evidence of people going in and out of the buildings, despite their abandonment and dilapidation.

The Fire Marshal had ordered the building to be sealed from the owner some time ago, after concerns of squatters became an issue.

Councilman H.M. Kidd of Pulaski County says the fire happened just one night before the village was to be a topic of discussion on the agenda for the Town Council meeting.

"We aren't sure right now who owns the property," Kidd said. "The owner tells us that the land was given to the city several years ago, so tonight we will discuss what to do with the structures, if anything."

Jones says he is very upset to learn about the fate of his once dream for Pulaski.

"Its sad, but God knows best."

Jones would like to thank those in the community who have supported his dreams over the years.