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Possible Sale of Natural Bridge

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Lexington City Council members will vote tonight on a resolution in support of turning Natural Bridge, which is up for sale, into a state or national park. This comes on the heels of an identical measure passed by the Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors.

Roanoke-based Woltz and Associates has been hired to market and sell Natural Bridge.

Owner and president Jim Woltz tells us the property will be sold at an auction this November, and they've decided to auction it off in roughly 30 plots.

The more than 1,600-acre property is currently in the process of being surveyed and divided up into those plots.

Woltz says the land presents lots of opportunities for different groups like hotel operators, conservationists, and business developers, which is why they're splitting it up.

He says the owner is very much in support of Natural Bridge becoming a state or national park.

Last month, Woltz went to Washington to meet with and make a presentation to the National Park Service.

He says he's also in an ongoing dialogue with the Virginia State Parks system.

As they're dividing up the land, he says his team will pay close attention to which specific plots would be important or of interest to them.

He tells us the most likely pathway to park status would be for a private group or individual to buy the property then donate it to one of the parks systems.

In fact, the National Park Service has said it will conduct a study to see how feasible that would be.