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Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake

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This is an important weekend for dozens of businesses here at the lake.

They say things are great during Memorial Day weekend and the Fourth of July, but there's not really another big event to drive people to the lake until Labor Day, so they came up with Pirate Days.

Today through Sunday, stores, restaurants, marinas, wineries, and even banks are getting into the buccaneer spirit, decorating their businesses, having their employees dress up, and running all kinds of special activities and promotions.

We're talking things like a big water balloon fight; treasure hunts going on here at Bridgewater Plaza, the state park, and Bernard's Landing; lots of giveaways; and more.

This is the second year they've done this, and while a lot will be happening here at Bridgewater Plaza, this is a lake-wide event.

Businesses say they got a pretty good response last year, and now that people have a better idea of what Pirate Days is, they hope to see even more this year.

"Whatever we can do to get people out here and have a good time out on the lake is always a good thing for us," said Kayla Karet with Bridgewater Marina.

For a complete list of all the different things specific businesses are doing, go to www.visitsmithmountainlake.com.

They're encouraging folks to come dressed up as pirates. As an added incentive, there may be special giveaways for the folks, particularly the kids, who do.