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Missing bison spotted in Campbell Co.

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The owner of Melrose Bison farm in Gladys says a 2,100 pound buffalo is currently missing. Tomorrow will mark two weeks since it was spooked out of the gate.

Mike Morris tells WSLS when animals escape they usually stay around the property, but this buffalo headed towards the Staunton River.

Morris says the Campbell County Sheriff's office called him early this morning saying the bull's been spotted about 5 miles away.

They're asking people not to approach the animal if you see it because it could charge at you.

"He's a huge bull, not aggressive but they are territorial" said Morris. "they are still wild animals."

Morris says once he's found they would like to use a tranquilizer. But that's not always possible because he says sedatives are not precise-- sometimes the animals lay on the ground and act like they're sedated but then will get up and charge.

They may have to kill the buffalo.

If you know anything or spot the animal, call the Campbell County sheriffs office.