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Roanoke Community Rallies Behind Woman With Stage Four Cancer

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While 34-year-old Sundy Warf, with Center in the Square, continues to battle cancer, her co-workers, friends, and family are working together to raise thousands of dollars for her medical bills.

In exactly one week, the roof of Center in the Square will be filled with Warf's supporters.

Less than a month ago, she was diagnosed with stage four cancer, but doctors don't know where it began in her body.

All of Warf's co-workers have jumped to help her.

"When we heard about Sundy's stage four cancer, the first thing you do is pray, you think about the person, and then you think about what you can do for them," said Jim Sears, the president and general manger of Center in the Square.

"When you're 34 years old and you wake up one day and someone says you have stage four cancer, it's quite shocking and you're not able to work, so that's when your friends and your family rally around you got get you back to work," said Julee Goodman, vice president of development at Center in the Square.

With the rooftop fundraiser and online donations on, they're hoping to raise about $25,000 for Sundy.

There's also a fund set up at BB&T.  You can mail a check to:

Sundy Warf's Cancer Fund
P.O. Box 2794
Roanoke, VA 24001