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Security Increased at State Little League Tournament in Lynchburg

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Lynchburg Police have stepped up patrols around a key city park as the state little league tournament takes place this weekend. The increased patrols follow fights at Miller Park captured on camera Memorial Day weekend and posted on the Facebook page of Morningline on WLNI.

Sixteen little league baseball teams are in from across the state.

"I love the tournament. I love sports. We keep our kids in sports," said Mike Johnston, who made the trip to Lynchburg from Bristol to watch his son's team. "The city looks like they've done a great job, got great security. It's a clean park. It's nice to see things like that."

A little league game had to be suspended on Memorial Day.

"What happened Memorial Day weekend is unfortunate, but in one sense it was a wake up call that we need to take an interest in our parks and make them a part of our community in a positive way and the parks did just that," said H. Cary, a city council member-at-large.

Lynchburg Police reports show since Memorial Day, eleven people have been arrested at the park, charged with everything from trespassing to assault and battery. Police caution that doesn't always mean the offense happened there.

Reports also show officers were called out since Memorial Day for fights three times but we're told when officers got there they couldn't find them.

Police have stepped up patrols. From January of this year to Memorial Day, there were twelve patrols at the park. From Memorial Day to July 18, there have been 91.

At the little league tournament you can see officers patrolling on bikes and the tournament director, Matt Combs, is taking notice.

"Things have really been improved and everything is pretty good. You can see out there right now everything is pretty calm and people are having a good time," Combs said.

The tournament runs through Wednesday. The winner goes to regionals in Georgia.