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Parking in Downtown Roanoke Could Get Easier

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Parking in Downtown Roanoke could soon get much easier.

With some parking restricted to just 15 minutes and others to one hour, it can be difficult to find a spot that gives you the time to eat, go shopping, or just enjoy the many downtown festivals.

City leaders are working to make street-side parking a little more flexible and consistent.

The plan is to make most on-street parking spaces two-hour spots.

Downtown parking leaders recently made a presentation to Roanoke City Council leaders about the progress.

They said they are finished with phase two of a five-part implementation process to improve the overall management of parking downtown.

The idea is to get rid of the negative perception of parking by following the recommendations of a study.

Those leaders have completed a request for information on more parking pricing strategies. One suggestion is to bring back meters to help make the turn over of parking quicker.

This way you don't have someone parked in the same spot all day, not allowing shop owners to get more business.