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Bedford County Firefighters Battle for New Equipment

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The Bedford County Board of Supervisors approved the transfer of $80,000 at their monthly meeting Monday night for the purchase of new equipment for the Bedford Fire Departments.

Fire Chief Jack Jones spoke at the meeting and addressed the pressing need for all 12 of the departments.

"The need is across the board," Jones said. 

The need is an expensive one.

Jones says it costs $11,000 to suit one firefighter. The money approved tonight will be used to buy 33 new suits.

A motion was also made to approve the transfer of $250,000 from the board's contingency fund to the CPI fund, which will allow for the departments to make further upgrades as needed.

The board did add the stipulation of having the power to approve what the money will be used for and which departments receive the money.

Jones says the need for vehicles is a major concern among the department. The board hotly debated how the vehicles will be purchased and whether or not they would be bought or leased.