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Teachers Create Business to Encourage People to "Think Outside"

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As part of their ongoing push to make the Roanoke Valley an outdoor destination, local leaders say they'd like to see more entrepreneurs open outdoors-related businesses here in the region.

Two teachers recently answered that call with theirbrainchild, Muddy Squirrel.

Tim Miller and Lisa Moyer describe their business as "adventure education."

Essentially, they want you to embrace your inner outdoorsman and help guide it out if you don't think it exists inside you.

They were inspired by some of the work they did as teachers, where they would take students into the outdoors to give them a better understanding of nature and teach them critical thinking skills.

With Muddy Squirrel, they've scheduled all kinds of day courses and overnight trips, and you decide which ones you want to attend.

They then provide the gear, the location, and the know how, and you come away knowing what to do so you can take that next trip on your own.

They've designed programs for student groups, families, and even adults, and say they're excited about what the future holds.

"I'm out there a lot and it's just a place where I feel at home. And I want to share that home feeling with everybody else who might ever have the idea, 'Hey, I'd like to try that sometime.' And I want to help them do that."

Muddy Squirrel just about six weeks ago.

Most of their programs really start to get rolling at the beginning of August.

For a complete list of activities, schedules, and prices, you can visit Muddy Squirrel's website, www.muddysquirrel.com.