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81-Year-Old Woman Volunteers Extra Hours for Her Community

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A local retiree continues to go above and beyond as a volunteer.

At 81, Ann Andrews is picking up extra work.

She was volunteering at the Roanoke Convention and Visitors Bureau one day a week and said that simply wasn't enough, so she answered Roanoke Regional Airport's call for help.

Recently, the airport put out a call for volunteers, or what they call ambassadors, and Andrews says she wanted to give more of her time.

She started volunteering at the airport about 5 weeks ago, but she's volunteered at the Convention and Visitor's Bureau for 17 years now, so she's very well versed in all things Roanoke and New River valleys.

"I've lived here for 63 years now, I know the area and I like to be with people," Andrews said. "I'll talk to a telephone pole if it will talk back."

Andrews is such a good ambassador, the airport recently used her as an example on Facebook to recruit others to volunteer.