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Botetourt County Program Helping Pay for School Field

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Football season is only weeks away, and this fall Lord Botetourt High School will have new grass to show off.

Athletic Director Chuck Pound says he likes what he's seeing so far.

"I've been on vacation and today is the first day I've seen it in three weeks," Pound said. "It's nice to see that it's getting green and it's going to be ready to go."

Just a few yards away, a new scoreboard greets Cavalier baseball players and fans.

All of these improvements are thanks in large part to a long-standing Botetourt County program.

The Capital Improvement Incentive Program encourages organizations and individuals to invest in publicly-owned property.

The county takes it step further, matching as much as 50 percent of the project costs up to $10,000.

"This is a way we can partner together to get some really quality improvements," said Botetourt County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Director Pete Peters.

Now entering its 15th year, Peters estimates the program is responsible for $1.5 million in investment.

"Even with the lean times, the recent economy, and our budget being tightened, we've always funded this program," Peters said.

The county is also working with more individuals, such as Eagle Scouts, on smaller projects.

But when it comes to the school system, Pound said the matching money really makes a difference.

These projects would "absolutely not" be possible without help from the county, Pound said. "It would have been a multi-year project trying to raise money to get both of these done and we couldn't have done them both in the same year."

The deadline to apply for the grant is Oct. 1.