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Sen. Kaine Frustrated by Stalled Internet Tax Bill

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Small business owners throughout southwest and central Virginia are anxiously waiting to see what happens with the Marketplace Fairness Act, also known as the Internet sales tax bill.

The bill would allow states to tax Internet companies the same way brick and mortar businesses are taxed.

It took several weeks to pass the Senate, eventually doing so with 70 percent of the vote in early May, but since then the bill has stalled in the House of Representatives.

Senator Tim Kaine helped pass the bill in the Senate and said he's frustrated with the lack of progress.

"You hate to work on something like this in the Senate, pass it by 70 votes and see it stall," Kaine said. "I think if enough mayors and governors and retailers contact House members that's probably the thing that would persuade them to move forward."

Many Republicans argue the bill would be the equivalent to a tax increase for online shoppers.