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Canline Systems Opens First U.S. Facility in Roanoke

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Ardagh's announcement of investing more than $93 million in real estate and equipment in Roanoke County is stirring up a lot of excitement.

Jill Loope, Roanoke County Economic Director says its a good sign about the area.

"When there is one big company making this large of an investment we are obviously very excited about that," Loope said. "Ardagh's selection in Roanoke County speaks to their confidence and ability to be successful in Roanoke County."

Just one week after the world's leading packaging company announces its arrival in Roanoke, its supplier Canline Systems announces it's coming, too, bringing with it 25 more jobs to the Roanoke Valley.

It expects to be in operation and will begin hiring assemblers by Oct. 1.

Canline Systems is an international supplier of conveyor systems for the packaging industry.

The Roanoke facility, which will be located on Commonwealth Drive, will be its first in the U.S.

The Netherlands company says it chose Roanoke so it could be closer to U.S. customers, including the recently-announced Ardagh Group facility in Roanoke County.

Canline Systems designs and manufactures automated product conveyor systems that use magnetic and vacuum technologies in production lines.

The company will design, manufacture, and assemble the systems at its new 10,500-square-foot facility.

"Canline is a well-known international supplier to the packaging industry, and we're delighted to announce plans to be located in Roanoke County," said Frans Augustijn, owner/CEO of Canline Companies. "We are focused on innovation in supporting production processes as packages become lighter and production speeds higher."

"Canline is an example of how the location of one company, in this case Ardagh, spurs additional economic development," said Michael Altizer, chairman of the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors.

"Canline continues the growth of the international business community in the Roanoke Region," said Beth Doughty, executive director of the Roanoke Regional Partnership.

Roanoke County worked with the Roanoke Regional Partnership to locate the project. The company also is eligible for assistance from the Virginia Jobs Investment Program.

Loope says that businesses like Ardagh and Canline coming into the Roanoke Valley will have a great economic impact on the entire area.

"They are bringing in very high-paying jobs to the community, which is increasing our standard of living throughout the community."