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At Least 100 Tips a Day From Across U.S. in Alexis Murphy Case

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"Where is high school senior Alexis Murphy?" asks Nancy Grace. The National Headline News commentator spent her show Tuesday night detailing the disappearance of the 17-year-old Nelson County senior.

It's a question Nancy Grace and people across the country want answered.

Police and dog teams could be seen starting around 8 a.m. Tuesday at abduction suspect Randy Taylor's home off route 29 in Lovingston.

Investigators say an increase in tips is helping with the search to find Alexis.

Calls are coming in from across the country, including California, Florida, and Montana, and we're told the list keeps growing.

When we asked how many calls, it was estimated at about 100 each day.

It's information that can be extremely helpful in any missing person case.

"The public is crucial in any missing person investigation," Radford University criminal justice professor and former police officer Dr. Tod Burke says. "They are the ones that will most likely aid investigators in this case. Regardless of where the initial abduction takes place, it's important for people nationwide to be on alert."

Grace also repeatedly mentioned Taylor's link to another missing teen's case: 19-year-old Samantha Clark, who disappeared in 2010, was never found.

Grace pointed out the two teenagers' cell phones link Taylor to each case. Murphy's cell phone last pinged just blocks away from Taylor's home and Clark got five calls from Taylor just before she went missing.

Murphy and Clark's families both pray for their girls to come home, and they say any tip can help.

A fund website has also been set up in support of the Murphy family. In just 19 hours since it was created, 17 people have already donated $550.