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Roanoke Group Spearheads Human Trafficking Education

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"I want to do anything I can to help," said Sara Gick, one of the dozen people watching the film Nefarious. The documentary tells stories of human trafficking and sex slavery from across the world and here in the U.S.

"It's shocking," Gick said. "I have a daughter and to think someone could prey upon her to do something like this is just horrible. It gives you nightmares."

"I feel like it's something people are not aware of, just a lack of information or for most people, totally unaware of what's taking place," said Michael Groom, the Rainbow Forest Baptist Church pastor.

Straight Street is trying to educate the community. The movie screening brought seven local churches together along with police officers and community members. Straight Street hopes churches will host movie nights showing people signs of human trafficking and forced prostitution, and how they can help.

"For the churches to step up and to take an active role in the abuse situations it's very, very rewarding," said Keith Farmer, the director of Straight Street. "It's not an easy topic to discuss but it's an even harder topic to get involved with because you know of the situations dealing with abuse and abuse situations are not quick fix."

Farmer is in the process of getting support and resources for a shelter to help victims.

"There are different ways that people are gifted to get involved," Farmer said. "It's not always financial resources out of their pocket."