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Randy Taylor Speaking Out Through His Court-Appointed Attorney

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Randy Taylor's court-appointed attorney, Michael Hallahan, says he's been flooded with calls since he first spoke out Wednesday night to the media about Taylor's side of the story.

Hallahan says his hope was to find other male Taylor says was with 17-year-old Alexis Murphy before she went missing. He says he believes he has now found that man and is notifying authorities.

Taylor says he met Murphy at the Liberty gas station off of Route 29 on Aug. 3, the day she went missing. He admits to talking her, but says he has nothing to do with her disappearance.

Taylor says he asked the Nelson County teen where he could buy marijuana. He says she said she knew a man and then Murphy, Taylor, and this unidentified man, a black male in his mid-to-late 20s with cornrows and a burgundy Caprice, drove separately back to Taylor's camper on Route 29 where the drug deal went down. He says he bought $60 worth of marijuana from the unidentified man. He says he smoked the drug with the man, not Murphy, and the man and Murphy left together before sundown.

Alexis's mother and aunt say they are disgusted with the picture Taylor is trying to paint of Alexis Murphy. They say that is not the Alexis they know that a 17-year-old athlete having anything to do with a 48-year-old with a criminal history just doesn't add up.

"That's just a story," says Alexis's mother, Laura Murphy. "That's not my daughter. My daughter wouldn't do that. "

Taylor's claims of Murphy being involved with drugs is something her family says they would have noticed.

"I've never smelled it on her," says Alexis's aunt, Trina Murphy. "Her pupils were never dilated. There was no indication whatsoever. "

Hallahan urges people not to be so quick to judge.

"I'm disappointed," Hallahan says. "They just need to let the case breathe."

Taylor says investigators say they have evidence of Murphy's DNA on a strand of her hair found in his camper. He says he believes that is not enough to hold him without bond.

His attorney says he has asked for a bond hearing on Aug. 22 in Nelson County. He says January is a long time to wait for a preliminary hearing.