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Franklin County Man Faces 18 More Charges for Continued Illegal Sewage Dumping

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Matthew Ferguson Matthew Ferguson

Franklin County leaders say he's at it again, with more sewage in places it shouldn't be.

Investigators say they hoped 34-year-old Matthew Ferguson would have learned his lesson by now.

Ferguson is facing another 18-charge indictment stemming from illegal dumping. Those charges are on top of the 17 he's already accumulated.

"I've never met anyone like this before," says Marvin Woods, captain of the Franklin County Department of Public Safety.

Woods says Ferguson's actions have left him completely puzzled.

"In 27 years of law enforcement, for someone to continually break the law and spread waste like this is like nothing I've ever seen before," Woods says.

Ferguson is the owner of A Plus Septic Services of Rocky Mount.

Police have taken photographs to document the tens of thousands of gallons of sewage Ferguson has dumped since January of this year.

"Potentially, there's 20-something diseases you could catch from human waste," Woods says. "It can run in the water ways and get in wells, contaminate wells' drinking water, that's a reason we want to put a stop to it."

Ferguson will face judgement in court next Wednesday for his latest round of illegal dumping charges, with police hoping he finally gets the point.