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The First Le Tour de Roanoke Hits the Street

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We have all heard of the Tour De France, but how about Le Tour de Roanoke?

Well if you haven't, it's quickly catching on. Tuesday was the city's first Le Tour de Roanoke, sponsored by the parks and recreation department.

It's a group of cyclists who are touring around the city by bike, stopping in and tasting the local flavor of downtown restaurants.

The tour features Fork in the Alley, Wasena Tap Room, and Wildflour Restaurant and Bakery.

The tour is made up of 25 people who signed up for only $25.

Patrick Boas, the outdoor education coordinator, says he has high hopes for the tour continuing.

"My goal is to get people outside doing outdoor adventure activities," Boas said. "We've got cycling, we've got food and beverages. [We're] doing all the best things the city offers."

If you missed out on the tour, don't worry; they have two more planned for September and October. Sign up on their website.