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Horse Rescue Needs More Hay After Wet Summer

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At 365 pounds, Shotgun, a horse who was rescued after he was discovered extremely malnourished this past spring, is now starting to gain some meat on his bones.

He's made a home at the Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue, but now his new home is in need of some help.

"It's been raining almost every single day so it's been very difficult to get the fields cut when we need to cut because of the rain," says Kathryn Barber with the horse rescue.

A round hay bale can cost anywhere from $20 to $40, and they need about 1,000 of them to last through the winter. It'll cost them about $40,000, which is a lot since they rely on donations and grants.

The wet summer has prevented the horse rescue from cutting hay bales since it could mold. They've had to buy hay before, but it can get pricey since they can't buy it from local farmers who are struggling from the weather, too.

"I think we've had to purchase it from New York, so now you're talking about buying the hay and the transportation costs for on top of that, so it depends on where you get it," Barber says. "Every farmer here is in the same predicament we're in. If they're cutting hay for their horses it's the same thing."

They're finding other ways to get the hay to help other horses like Shotgun get a second chance on life.