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K9 Teams Search 3 Locations in Relation to Alexis Murphy Case

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Thursday, K9 teams searched the area along Cub Creek Road on the way to Crabtree Falls in Nelson County.

That's where we met Rika, a 6-year-old search and rescue dog helping with the Alexis Murphy case.

For close to 6 hours, K9s like Rika searched for answers in three different locations. They looked through wooded areas in the Cub Creek location, near Davis Creek, and near suspect Randy Taylor's home.

While the search continued, Taylor had his day in court for a bond hearing. His lawyer Michael Hallahan said he does have three prior felonies, but two are from 20 years ago. He said Taylor is willing to wear an ankle bracelet and stay in town at his son and son's mother's house.

'I think the last man to see Alexis is sitting beside his attorney," Trina Murphy, Alexis's aunt says.

Trina doesn't buy that Taylor wasn't involved. She agrees with the judge's decision to deny bond.

"Obviously, we are thrilled," Murphy says. "He is where he belongs and will remain there."

She says she understands the judge's ruling to close court when sensitive evidence was being presented.

"The simple fact is this is a very sensitive case," Trina said. "We're not willing to do anything to jeopardize him getting off on a technicality or jeopardizing Alexis's safety.'

After all, she says, this isn't about Randy Taylor, but finding Alexis Murphy.

Taylor's attorney asked for a preliminary hearing to be waved. The judge granted the motion and now he'll move straight to a grand jury on Sept. 24.