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Heavy Rain and Mold Means Record Year for Clean Up Companies

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Heavy rains have wreaked havoc this summer all across our area, and especially in Roanoke.

It's leaving behind a nasty mess to clean up, even a month after the storms hit.

That's where Kevin Lancaster comes in. With 24 years of experience under his belt, he is vice president of operations at ServePro.

He says they've had a record number of calls to clean up flooding in homes this year.

When the early July storms hit, they got 300 calls within 24 hours, and over 400 total for the storm.

"It was really sad because a lot of the customers we were working with - that we had started drying out homes and removing wet carpet and padding and drywall and all of those things - a lot of them got hit again. So it started all over again," Lancaster said.

Lancaster says now that the water is dried up, there's a new problem: mold.

It has become a problem even for many of those who didn't think they had an issue, and is the No. 1 problem ServePro is seeing right now.

"That's been a huge problem and it's kind of our second blast of hard work," Lancaster said.

Lancaster says its important to know the difference between a do-it-yourself job and the need for a professional.

All spaces 10  to 100 square feet that can be aired out and wiped down is safe to do on your own.

All spaces 100 square feet and up, you need to call in the pros.

"If it's beyond that, and you see mold growing on your furniture and things, you need to call in a professional," Lancaster said.

So while the rain for many has slowed down their summer, for these guys its only made it busier.

For more information and tips about how to control mold in your home visit the EPA's website.

To reach ServePro call ‎1 (866) 595 6078.