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Sexting is a Growing Problem for Southern Virginia ICAC

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The Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task force work to help children stay safe online, but they say a majority of their resources are being spent to help those whose inappropriate pictures of themselves are being seen by more people than they planned.

"Try to think back to high school: if you're a 15-year old-boy and your girlfriend send nude photos of herself, are you gonna keep those photos to yourself? No," says Sergeant Stephen Anders of ICAC.

Anders says this is a growing problem, especially when the photos get in the hands of the wrong people.

"It spreads like a spider web," Anders says. "We've worked cases where it started in Bedford County and ended up in three different states with over 100 students and adults who received images."

And they're not only dealing with cases involving teenagers, but also children as young as 8 years old.

ICAC says to help children, parents can talk to children about the consequences.