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Roanoke Railhouse Brewery Switching to 12-oz. Bottles

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Making the beer at Roanoke Railhouse Brewery is just half the battle.

The company president, Steve Davidson, says he also wants the craft beer to fly off the shelves.

"We think this is the key to our overall growth," Davidson says.

Davidson is talking about a plan to put the brewed beer into smaller bottles, making it easier for people to grab a 6-pack and go.

"We're hoping it will give us the opportunity to do significantly more volume," Davidson says.

Right now, the craft beer comes in 22-oz. bottles and 16-oz. cans, but Davidson hopes the 12-oz. bottles will be more enticing for customers.

Getting the craft beer into the hands of more people requires more space and more money.

Davidson says wants to move the bottling production side of the company to another brewery in Virginia and is looking for "some more people in the valley who are interested Roanoke Railhouse and helping the community spread its name" to buy up a little more than 70 shares in the company.

Davidson isn't sure which beer will come in the 12-oz. bottles first, but hopes to the change will help them brew up more business.