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Roanoke College Habitat for Humanity Project Wraps Up

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This year's R House Project for Habitat for Humanity wraps up on Roanoke College's campus Tuesday evening.

The R Project is about students from near and far working together to prepare for the years to come before graduation and help the community at the same time.

"It is nice to actually meet friends," says freshman Caleb Richmond from Bedford. "There are so many people from so many different areas here."

"I love the people. Everyone is so friendly," says freshman Sky Weber from Massachusetts. "You guys have Southern hospitality. It is awesome. I love it."

Roanoke College students are no strangers to picking up tool belts and hammers. They have been building Habitat Homes for the last 20 years. The projects first started in South Carolina. The most recent home is the eighth one built on campus.

Jesse Griffin has been a project leader for all eight of the campus builds. He makes sure the pieces get put together properly by organizing student shifts. Each student works 90-minute shifts. It is a big job with 550 freshman and 70 transfers to coordinate.

"We have 35-40 students that come at one time," Griffin says. "We are just trying to find ways to get them on the site and have good work experiences."

Jonathan Reckford, CEO of worldwide Habitat will visit the Roanoke College Campus next Tuesday. His speech is open to the public.