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Local Celebrations Join Millions Across the Country in Remembering the Dream

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech is just as powerful today coming from the lips of students at Roanoke College. Afterwards the crowd paused a moment to remember as college junior Adrian Gillem rang the bells on campus.

"To me, knowing the history, and looking at the history of him is insurmountable," Gillem said. "To know that I was a young African-American that can come here and integrate and interact with many alike and many different, knowing full well that it was a dream carried by a man only 50 years ago that brought me here today."

He and the crowd at the college joined millions across the country in celebrating the 50th anniversary of King's famous speech.

In Lynchburg, a church congregation gathered to remember what King fought for and prayed the country will continue fighting.

It's a fight that Lynchburg Mayor Michael Gillette says is still young.

"I think we also need to recognize that there is a lot of progress left to be made and that still today there is a lot of inherent prejudices and biases in our social structures that really do need to be addressed," Gillette said.

But for Gillem there is still hope. While he says we can all agree there is still more progress to be made, the fight is stronger than ever now.

"There is still hope. It was uttered 'yes' in the presidential campaign by now-President Barack Obama, who is African-American, 'Yes we can.' There is hope, but it's on the ground," Gillem said. " The fight is still there it's just we need to keep on hoping that it will be won for equality, not inequality."