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Roanoke Police Take on Crime by Foot

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Members of the Roanoke City Police Department hit the streets on foot Thursday night, joining city leaders from the Solid Waste Authority, Fire Department, and neighborhoods in an effort to prevent crimes before they happen.

So far, they say it's working.

Lt. Stephen Kaetts with the Roanoke City Police Department says this is something they try to do three times a year.

It's a part of an initiative that fights crime with a data-based approach. Referred to as D-Dax, police learn the concerns of citizens and analyze the history of a neighborhood and what problems they have experienced in the past and couple that with how happy people are living in the city.

Police say it's the best way they can get involved with the community. Kaetts says since the program was put in place, they have seen a significant drop in crime, especially in car thefts and home break-ins in the city.

"In the past few months we have brought the crime down in the area through our efforts, so we wanted to work with the neighborhood to increase the livability and the joy of living in this community," Kaetts said.

The community group looks not only for crime issues, but blighted housing and structures that may be of concern to neighbors.

If you have an issue that you would like to share, the Roanoke City Police Department says they are open to residents' concerns.