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Lynchburg Beacon of Hope wants to expand

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Lynchburg Beacon of Hope wants to expand. The idea is to give every high school student access to college or technical education after graduation.

They are hoping to raise $100,000 by June 30, 2014.

Every dollar will be matched by a challenge grant given by Elliot and Rosel Schewel of Lynchburg.

The Beacon of Hope aims to:
-find and maintain future centers at Heritage and EC Glass High School which will service college and career readiness hubs for students.
-to provide college/technical school opportunities for those who would not be able to otherwise attend post secondary education.
-to provide scholarship dollars that fill the gap for many of Lynchburg city school students, making post secondary education a cultural norm in Lynchburg.

"We just realized it could have a strong impact on the community in general and particularly of course our young people," said Rosel Schewel.

"It means our community, our workforce is going to be a stronger workforce because our folks will be either educateable or employable as soon as they walk out the doors of these schools. It's going to attract business, it's going to lower our truancy and delinquency rates, it's going to increase our median income. All these great things will happen over time," said Laura Hamilton, the Beacon of Hope Executive Director.

The Beacon of Hope's mission is to encourage all Lynchburg CityPublic School (LCS) students to pursue their dreams, and provide them with thetools and resources to attain a post- secondary education. The Beacon of Hopewill help equalize the playing field for all of Lynchburg's children. Morestudents will have the chance to support their families better and to be a partof the life of our community. The Beacon of Hope will ensure that more studentswill be prepared for the job market either through a four-year collegeeducation or through an education in technical fields.