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Closure for Lynchburg veteran's family after decades of not-knowing

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After decades ofwaiting for answers a local family finally has closure.

Lynchburg native SergeantCharles Scott was killed in December 1950 at the Battle of Chosin Reservoirduring the Korean War.

After more than 50years of waiting, 98-year old Frances Dresser is getting answers about her sonwho is coming home to be buried.

"He never thought ofit as a danger or anything like that. He enjoyed every minute of it. He lovedthe service and was patriotic," said Frances Dresser, Scott's mother.

Scott joined the Armyafter graduating high school in Lynchburg.

"Most of his company,I understand, was wiped out. They were in a very bad battle and were trying toretreat to get out of there. The communist Chinese, I understand, came over thehill and just thousands of them," said Patricia Goff, who was just a kid at thetime. "In December 1950 my mother received a telegram that he was missing. In December1953 he was declared deceased."

Scott's body was notidentified. The enemy stripped soldiers of their names and ranks.

The family finallygot some answers when the military hand-delivered a book--- dozens of pages ofhow they were finally able to identify Sgt. Scott.

"We had kind ofthought this may never happen in our lifetime, my lifetime, least of all mymom's," said Goff.

His body has been buriedfor the last few decades in Hawaii and finally identified this year by matchingDNA from Scott's tooth to his sister and mother.

"I couldn't believeit and I still have a hard time even though it's all unfolded now," said Goff.

Sgt. Scott is beingflown back to Virginia to be buried in Lynchburg.

"It means a lot thathe will be that close to home and it's a comfort to know that he's not so faroff that I wouldn't ever be able to go to his grave," said Dresser.

"Isaid Charles would not believe how much attention he's getting and she saidmaybe he knows," said Goff.

Sgt. Scott's remains will be flown into Richmond Tuesday, September 3 where he will be honored with a plane side ceremony. He will then make the journey home to Lynchburg with an Army escort.

A graveside service will be conducted at 2:00 PM on Thursday, September 5, 2013 at Fort Hill Memorial Park, with full military honors.

Memorial contributions may be sent to The Korean War Project Membership Drive, P.O. Box 180190, Dallas TX 75218.

Tharp Funeral Home and Crematory, Lynchburg (434-237-9424) is assisting the family.