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Mac & Bob's makes a major investment in local breweries

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Southwest Virginia is quickly becoming part of craft beer craze with new breweries like Sunken City and Parkway filling up plenty of pint glasses.

It's a trend Mac & Bob's Owner Bob Rotanz wants to be part of.

"I'm not surprised," he said. "I've been following it for a while and we decided to make the investment and go for it. I think its been good for us."

That investment is $100,000.

It's money Rotanz said he put to good use, growing the restaurant's total beer taps from 15 to 80.

The expansion also includes a new beer cooler.

The project wrapped up in May and so far Rotanz is seeing a strong, and somewhat unexpected response from his customers.

"You would think it would be more of a younger person deal," he said. "But really it's the full gambit. I'm 57, we've got people older than me wanting to get their growlers filled up and wanting to know when the next beer is coming in."

With more restaurants carrying their beer, local breweries are now in demand.

It's a trend Roanoke Railhouse owner Steve Davidson said is becoming more common.

"It's very gratifying that my products are doing well in this market," he said. "I think success garners success."

Success that Davidson and Rotanz expect to only grow in southwest and central Virginia.

"Local beer is fresh beer," Davidson said. "Fresh beer is always the best beer."