Driver Accused in Deadly I-581 Crash Pleads No Contest

[image] Timothy Wellons

New pavement on I-581 seems to erase any visible signs of what happened there almost three months ago.

However, for many people living in and around Roanoke, the deadly crash on June 12 is hard to forget.

It's especially memorable for the two families who lost a loved one.

Images of the crash were shown in a Roanoke court Friday.

The man at the center of this wreck, 34-year-old Timothy Wellons, plead 'no contest' to four charges: one count of assault and battery, two counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter, and one count of driving under the influence.

Evidence revealed Wellons's blood alcohol level was .34 an hour after the crash.

A receipt and surveillance video from an ABC store in Vinton shows Wellons purchasing a 750ml bottle of vodka around 10 a.m. the day of the crash. A one-quarter full bottle matching that same description was found in his car.

Some of the EMTs at the crash described Wellons as "significantly impaired."

The assault and battery charge stems from Wellons bending back the fingers of a nurse.

"They describe Mr. Wellons as being combative, abusive, and cursing, and telling them they didn't know what they were doing," Assistant Commonwealths' Attorney Wanda DeWease says. "It took three other people to make him release his grasp on her."

We learned doctors had to give Wellons a sedative to calm him down.

DeWease also said one of the hospital employees planned to testify that Wellons said he had side-swiped a tractor-trailer and then he laughed. Authorities say he appeared to be remorseful when he was told two people died.

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