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VT Police Offer Three Rape Defense Courses This Fall

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Rape Aggression Defense courses hosted by the Virginia Tech Police Department kickoff tonight.

VT Police will offer three courses during the fall semester.

Classes are open to females of any age or skill level.

Each course consists of three classes. During the first class, women will learn how to be more alert and avoid dangerous situations. The second class consists of basic self defense moves. Finally, women gear up and test their skills in real life scenarios in the third class.

The department hopes that women walk away from the class with a sense of self confidence and the ability to react if anything does happen.

Officer Nicole Quesenberry says, "We try to make it as real as we can, just to kind of get your adrenaline going a little bit." She says the experience makes women less likely to freeze up if they are attacked.

For more information or to sign up for a class, visit http://www.police.vt.edu/VTPD_v2.1/selfdefense.html.