Neighbors Concerned After Concrete Falling From Pulaski County Bridge Hospitalized Woman


"These are pieces of concrete I actually stopped and picked up that have fallen into my driveway," Pulaski County resident Barbara Conner says.

Conner showed us the big slabs of concrete that she says are falling from the Peak Creek Bridge in Pulaski County.

Conner lives just down the road from the bridge and says she's scared every day driving under it. She doesn't even let her grandkids play in the trail near it.

"I am fearful something will fall off of the bridge," Conner says. "It's changed our sense of security and we don't want to see anything happen."

Adding fuel to Conner's outrage about this bridge, just about two weeks ago, a woman riding a jet ski on Peak Creek was hospitalized when a piece concrete fell on her.

"The first thing I thought of was, 'Why didn't anybody take me seriously?'" Conner says.

Conner has countless emails she's sent for years to county and VDOT leaders.

She says finally someone is hearing her call for action.

Virginia Senator John Edwards and House of Delegates candidate Michael Abraham came together to talk about the need for money to improve the condition of bridges like Peak Creek on Interstate 81.

"It's a public safety issue," Edwards says. "This highlights the importance of making sure our bridges and roads are safe."

"We should all be outraged that you can't drive under a bridge or boat under a bridge or drive over a bridge without having to hold your breath every time and wonder if it's going to have a serious problem," Abraham says.

VDOT representatives said an inspection on the Peak Creek Bridge was done following the jet skiing accident.

While the detailed report has not been completed, they say there was nothing found that required immediate attention.

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