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Brothers Band Together at High School Football Game

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While there may have been sibling rivalry between Thomas and Tim Galyen growing up, Friday night these bothers banded together - literally.

The two band directors stood proudly on the sideline of the Hidden Valley vs Northside Varsity football game, watching as both of their opposing school bands played in unison the national anthem.

"The teams are supposed to tackle each other and knock each other down, but the musicians don't have to do that," Thomas said. "So they can join together and express something, and especially with 9/11 being this week, playing the anthem in a mass band was really special."

It was even more special with his big brother by his side.

"I think it's awesome," Tim said. "I mean, we grew up together playing music. He played drum set and I played sax and guitar stuff like that, so to be able to do this on a professional level with our kids is really cool."

But even prouder than the brothers themselves, Friday night mom and dad were their No. 1 fans, filming the show from the press box. They drove all the way from Richmond to watch the show.

"They work together and compliment each other," Steven Galyen said. "They are very, very impressive and we are proud."

For the Galyens, making music is the family business. Tim and Thomas have an older brother, Danny, who is also a band director.

So despite the opposing teams on the field, for one night these Titans and Vikings get to do what they love most with some of the people they love most: family.