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Becky says: Summer of Travel is over ...

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The summer of travel 2013 is in the books.  Sad.

To be honest, I did not try to book all my trips so close to one another ... And in the future will actually try my best not to do that to myself ever again!   Trust me, it was fun - don't get me wrong, but I missed the entire end of summer here at home.  Friends had cookouts, pool parties and I constantly had to say no, because I was out of town.

The trips themselves were a blast!   However, the returns (as always) ... not so much.  I sit here with a pile of tissues, and sneezing non stop.  Two out of my last 3 trips ended with me sick.   What happened to that refreshed, just back from vacation feeling I'm supposed to get?!   ... Apparently that got sneezed away about 10 tissues ago.  ERG.

Oh well ... I'm back now and ready for a cookout ... Let's do it!