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Bedford Police Handling Fewer Calls After Converting to a Town

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After working at the Original Italian Pizza for a year, Tony Lopiccolo, the owner, says he still gets the same help from the police department even after Bedford became a town in July.

But Lt. Todd Foreman says he and the rest of the department is still adjusting.

Officers have to cover more areas. Through research last year, they expected to respond to 20 percent more calls, which adds up to about 100 more a month.

We went back to the police department to find out how they've handled the change and, surprisingly, they've responded to an average of ten fewer calls each month.

As for crimes, the numbers compared to last year are about the same, but Foreman says it may take some time to see the difference between serving a city versus a town.

"Two months of numbers aren't really good statistics for us," Foreman says. "We may expect some bigger numbers to be in December, November or during the holidays."

Even with handling fewer calls, the police department says they're now busy working on more serious crimes.

"We've managed what we've had," Foreman says. "Our investigators have to work harder to investigate; that's causing them some more work."

Since they haven't added any more staff, they work together with the sheriff's office and state police to serve the community more and give citizens like Lopiccolo the same service they have continued to appreciate.