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Free Public WiFi Now Available in Downtown Blacksburg

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Blacksburg business partners Andy Horner and Dave Perks, co-founders of Horner & Perks, say their lives just got a whole lot easier.

Sending huge picture files for their start-up ad agency now just takes seconds with downtown Blacksburg's new public gigabit WiFi network. It's a special connection that's a 100 times faster than the average Internet connection.

"It's basically the speed of having a conversation with each other," Perks says. "It's seamless. The connection is always fast and we don't have to think about it."

The broadband connection was launched by TechPad as the word's first public gigabit WiFi network. TechPad is a co-working space dedicated to software start ups.

"What's going on here at TechPad right now, it's going to change the way Blacksburg does business, open doors of opportunity for a lot of people, and I'm looking forward to a lot of ideas coming through," Perks says.

Bob Summers is the founder of TechPad and is the man behind bringing the affordable broadband access to the Blacksburg community.

"We're giving entrepreneurs in Blacksburg a head start to get moving," Summer says. 'It's already attracting capital in our area."

Now, after 181 people in the community helped raised more than $92,000 for access to fast and free public WiFi, it'll be available for 18 months.

Summers and other community members plan to figure out a way to keep it around for good.