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Roanoke County Plans For New Storm Water Regulations

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After this summer, Roanoke is all too familiar with flooding. While the area continues to work cleaning up the mess left behind, a new problem looms: In less than a year, new, stricter storm water regulations will be handed down to the municipalities across the state, including here in Roanoke.

David Henderson, Roanoke County engineer, explained some of the major hurdles.

"Like all governments, we are stretched pretty tight when it comes to funding, so we are trying to find the most cost-effective ways to meet the requirements," he said.

The county has hired a consultant to help Roanoke come up with a plan to meet these new regulations and decide the cheapest way to fund them.

If you live in Roanoke County, it will affect you in one of two ways: either with a flat utility fee across the board, or a fee based on your property tax.

"Instituting the storm water control and trying to do retrofits and trying to address some of these adverse impacts that existing developments have caused  - yes, there will be some additional costs," Henderson said.

Several streams have been identified as problem areas in Roanoke. The county will now be responsible for cleaning out of the water natural pollutants caused by erosion, sediment, and flooding.

Meanwhile, they will also be responsible for new drain systems on new properties, enforcing new standards for smaller storm water facilities, and inspecting all of those facilities more often.

After the storm water committee comes up with a plan, the plan will then go to the board of supervisors for a vote.

That's why Roanoke County Board of Supervisors Vice Chairwoman Charlotte Moore says it's important for the community to give their input now.

"It's mandated from the state and we have to do this, and every citizen, they are all involved in storm water because it's water," Moore said. "Run-off has no boundaries; it will go wherever it wants to go, so we are all involved in it."

Henderson says the committee will present the plan before the board in February.