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The Buzz: Sept. 20, 2013

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The ladies will want to make it by Firestone Tanglewood for the K92 and CW5 Topless Car Wash to benefit Sabrina's Place. It's looking like about a dozen ripped guys they found at the local gyms getting all sudsed up. And I think your car gets washed too. Look for the beefcake tomorrow starting at noon, sponsored by The Tomorrow People coming Wednesday, Oct. 9, to our sister station The CW5.

This is one of my favorite annual events: Pride in the Park at the River's Edge North in Roanoke. It kicks off tomorrow at noon with all kinds of live music, things to buy, food and I guarantee you some of the best entertainment you will have for free.

And to let you know, The Bids and BBQ Bash has been postponed. It was supposed to happen tomorrow at the Hunting Hills Country Club, but weather concerns had them push it to two weeks from now: Saturday, Sept. 28. Becky Freemal from the Fox 21/27 Ten O' Clock news and our buddy Robynn James from Star Country will look for you then.