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No Bids for Roanoke's Maridor Bed and Breakfast

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The owners of the Maridor Bed and Breakfast have worked for the last 15 years to make it a popular place to hold events and weddings. Henry and Brette Ciavarella recently decided they wanted downtime and, after living in the carriage house on the property, wanted to move out of the area to be closer to family.

"This is a wonderful place," said Martin Skelly, a Roanoke native who attended events at the Maridor. "It's great to have a place that you associate growing old and happy in Roanoke with."

Friday, the Maridor, a more than 10,000-square-foot facility, went on the auction block for a minimum bid of $675,000.

None of the seven registered bidders put up their cards.

"So we still own Maridor and I guess the higher powers have spoken and we're not meant to leave," Brette Ciavarella said. "Kind of threw us a curve ball today, but Henry and I have been through so much, this is just another stepping stone."

She says she is thankful for the 15 years of business that will continue at least a little longer.

"I feel really bad for the potential sellers," Skelly said. "I know they've put a lot of work into this and they've made a lot of people's time at the Maridor better, and I wish they would have been able to sell it."

Joanna McGraw with Woltz & Associates, the company that put on the auction, says they knew of three people who were interested in the property but couldn't get financing lined up in time.