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Gretna Keeps a Winning Tradition

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Title after title, it's easy to see from the locker room trophy case that winning has become a football tradition in Gretna.

The faces and signatures hang on the walls of former Hawks who have made it big, something little Hawks in training look up to.

One guy wearing a Gretna jersey told us his dad was once a varsity player, and he is itching to follow in his father's footsteps.

"My dad played for them. He got 60 sacks and his jersey is still up."

Once a Hawk, always a Hawk. The stands always have a big crowd, and in the crowd are former football players. Bobby Farmer played for Gretna back in 1976. He says ever since, it's been a rare occasion he has missed a game.

"It's just like they are playing for us," Farmer said. "And they are playing for every football player that has played Gretna High School since it has been Gretna High School."

Judging by the long lines to get in the game, you would think that everyone who's ever been to Gretna is at the game.

And with a winning record like theirs, the Hawks definitely have a lot to cheer about.

"That's the type of spirit, everybody's here. The whole community comes together and it's really a great feeling," Farmer said.

Head Coach Kevin Saunders says one word that can describe Gretna's community is football.

The highlight of some of these kids' lives is playing football at Gretna High School and with the community spirit and the trophies to back it up, it's no wonder.

"It's no secret," Saunders said. "It's just great players and anybody can say what they want; it's all about great players and great community and we happen to have that. Our kids are very dedicated playing football here and this is something they've wanted to do since they were playing in little league. That's all they want to do is play for the Hawks."

And with those watchful eyes cheering from the crowd, it's easy to understand how the tradition of winning keeps going strong year after year.