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Golf Tournament Helping People With Brain Injuries for 10 Years

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The game of golf can be frustrating, but with every shot, Kenny Loving is showing to the rest of his team you can break par with a bit of practice and some determination, even without one arm and one leg.

"When I got hurt, I told them they could put a broom handle on this thing," Loving says, pointing to his missing leg. "As long as they got me standing up, I was going to go back and play golf."

Loving said he suffered the injuries after he got run over by a train more than 20 years ago. Even without his right arm, he's still swinging a club and the Roanoke Area Brain Injury Connection hopes his mindset will be shared with others who are teeing off too.

"People with brain injuries quite often have a hard time being out in the community again," said Sandy Willis, a volunteer with the Roanoke Area Brain Injury Connection. "It gives them an opportunity to meet with other people who have injuries, and to talk, which they do in support group."

One part of that support group is here at the Annual Invitational Golf Challenge. The money raised goes to the Brain Injury Resource and Development Center. Each team gets a fourth player who is physically challenged: either an amputee or a brain injury survivor.

After a decade, Loving says this tournament has given him a chance to have a friendly competition with others.