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Halloween Stores Give Boost to Local Economy

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If you're looking for a Halloween item, regardless of what it is, you've got a lot of local places to shop for it.

"More and more stores are cropping up to meet a demand," says Wayne Bowers, Roanoke City's director of economic development. "You'll see that trend in Roanoke this year as it is around the country."

The Halloween demand is very high this year. More than 158 million people are expected to participate in the festivities, each of them spending an average of $75.03, which will give our local economies a big boost.

"Any retail business helps what's around, as far as restaurants and other retail businesses. Once people are out shopping, they tend to spend more money," Bowers says.

"These are economy boosters," says Melinda Payne, Salem's director of planning and development. "They bring in a hunk of money, so it's good to have. You get a nice chunk of change during the off seasons."