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Roanoke City Police Say Violent Crime Numbers Are Down

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Roanoke City Police have made an effort in helping neighbors through programs like the Melrose Drug Market Initiative, otherwise known as DMI. Deputy Chief Tim Jones says these programs help build a relationship with the community and law enforcement.

"I think folks in the last five years are far more receptive to contacting law enforcement and sharing information," Jones says.

Sharing information has helped police in their investigations; city police say they've seen a decrease of more than 20 percent in the total number of violent crimes from the past five years.

From January to the end of August this year, there were 307 violent crimes in the city. That's lower than the 503 violent crimes from around the same time in 2008.

Though the overall number of violent crimes has decreased, the numbers of commercial robberies and rapes have increased. Jones says they're hoping to see those numbers go down by letting neighbors know that they're available.

"I don't want anybody or business owner to think, 'Well they're too busy,' because that may be the one tip or the one link we need to clear a series of crimes," he says.