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Alexis Murphy's Family Believes the Right Man is Behind Bars

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Alexis Murphy Alexis Murphy
Randy Taylor Randy Taylor

"I think they have the right guy, yes, I do," Jasmine Murphy says. "We just need him talk."

It's a plea for more answers from the cousin and best friend of missing Nelson County teen Alexis Murphy.

"Each day is harder. We talk about her all the time. We laugh at things she used to say or reminisce about her," Jasmine says. "It's always just hoping we will hear something the next day, or hear something the next day. So that's something that we're still sticking with and it's hard, but we're getting through."

Jasmine says she and her family have no doubt that the grand jury made the right decision in a Nelson County courtroom Tuesday.

A grand jury indicted the lead suspect in the Murphy's disappearance, 48-year-old Randy Taylor, on two charges. He was indicted on an abduction charge and an unrelated charge of possessing a stolen ATV.

The Murphy family says they don't buy Taylor's claims that he met Alexis during a drug deal, though they are happy investigators continue to follow up on all types of leads, even if it means talking to a new person of interest.

Investigators describe the person to be the same man Taylor's lawyer says his client saw with Alexis before she disappeared. Taylor claims he bought drugs from this man with Murphy present.

"I think it's good they reached out to that person and contacted him because they'll find holes in his [Taylor's] story and maybe then we can find more holes and find something that's really the truth," Jasmine Murphy says.

Jasmine says every time she hears about new efforts to find Alexis it gives her hope.

"It's not like they have a dead end," Jasmine says. "They are still searching and not giving up. So that helps out enough."

Even right outside of Jasmine's work in Lovingston, pink ribbons are tied in support of her cousin. She also says co-workers from the post office where Alexis' mother Laura works have donated their sick and vacation time through October, helping Laura put all her efforts into bringing Alexis home.

Jasmine says these are clear signs this community is certainly thinking and hoping for Alexis Murphy's safe return home.