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Roanoke County Support Group Hopes to Expand and Recruit More Volunteers

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Jacob Markham spends his days at Minnick Education Center, but the fourth Friday of every month is for fun with a group that meets in Roanoke County called Friday Night Friends.

"A lot of people just don't realize the number of kids that have disabilities who don't get the attention that your typical kids get," says Jacob's father, Joel Markham.

"This beautiful facility provides them with all sorts of activities: game, crafts, special events," says Carol McCulloch, the Friday Night Friends team organizer.

The events are held at the Family Life Center at Cave Spring Baptist Church, but people from all over our region are invited to take part.

McCulloch hopes to include even more children in the future. "There are a lot of children in this area who have either lost parents or a loved one at a very young age and we feel like that is a special need," she says. "We want them to have fun."

Many volunteers work together to make the program possible for Jacob and others, but the group is always look for more help.

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